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2005 Revised Constitution of KICMA

(Knoxville Interdenominational Christian Ministerial Alliance)



We, the Ministers of the Christian faith in order to form a Union of Clergy cooperation and fellowship between the lovers of God, do hereby form an alliance which will promote Christianity and enhance the spiritual, social and economic life of our metropolitan area.


Article 1 - Name

 The name shall be the "The Greater Knoxville Interdenominational Christian Ministerial Alliance."


Article 2 - Organization

The Robert's Rule of Order - Revised Edition and Constitution, shall govern the Alliance. The number present at any regularly scheduled or called meeting of the Alliance shall constitute a quorum. The alliance's officers shall be elected annually. The president shall appoint with the consent of the body an election committee of three to conduct the election.

The date of the election of officers shall be annually on or about the 1st Tuesday in June. The Alliance shall have the right to ask questions and/or inspect records pertaining to the Alliance of any office holder. All officers shall comply with the request of the Alliance.


Article 3 - Membership

 Membership may be comprised of the clergy

-Section 1 - Termination of active membership shall be by: 1. Death 2. Violation of the Constitution (willful). 3. Willfully absent from eight consecutive meetings without conveyance of satisfactory reasons. 4. Change of pastoral assignment placing one outside of the metropolitan area. 5. Non-payment of dues for six(6) months, unless an undue hardship exists, which should be shared with a member of the Alliance.

Article 4 - Time, Place and Date of Meetings

The Alliance shall meet weekly. The 1st and 3rd Tuesdays will be for committee work study and prayer. The 2nd and 4th Tuesdays will be for the business of the Alliance. June, July and August shall be recess months except for all meetings and/or previously scheduled activities.


Article 5 - Order of Meeting

1. One hour and thirty minutes will be scheduled for the weekly meeting, more time, if needed.

2, Devotion shall be open each meeting. The devotional may include a sermonic message or lecture by the Chaplain. Fifteen minutes will be allotted for devotion.

3. Forty-five minute business/programs, if needed.

4. Thirty minutes for reflections, observations and fellowship.

5. Benediction

Article 6 - Special Activities

The Alliance shall sponsor those activities which will not infringe upon the progress of member churches and their commitment to the respective denominational bodies. These activities shall be

co-coordinated by the program committee. We shall hold jointly a Good Friday Service (12 Noon to 3pm), Thanksgiving Service (10:00am) and the Alliance shall participate in the Martin Luther King Celebration. When deemed necessary, we will have a community revival.

The place of worship for the Alliance worship services shall be scheduled on a rotating basis, among the members of the Alliance.

The host Church shall be given a gratuity of $100

Article 7 - Officers

Section 1

Principal Officers - The principal officers of the Alliance shall be a President, Vice President, Recording/ Correspondence Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Chaplain, and Assistant Chaplain.

Section 2

Terms of Office - All principle officers shall be elected by the members of the Alliance at the annual meeting on or about the 1st Tuesday in June. Each officer will serve a term of two years or until respective successors are elected and assume office. Unless otherwise, designated at the time of election, all newly elected officers shall assume office at the adjournment of the meeting at which they are elected. Officers may be re-elected as many times as the Alliance shall elect them.

Section 3

Vacancies - In the event of a vacancy any office by resignation, removal, disqualification or other cause, said vacancy shall be filled by an election at the next scheduled meeting of the Alliance.

Section 4

Duties of Officers

-1. The President - Shall be the principle executive officer of the Alliance. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the Alliance, shall sign all obligations of the Alliance unless otherwise directed by the Alliance and shall perform all duties usually incumbent upon such and as may be required by the Alliance and shall by the chief spokesperson for the Alliance unless designated by the President.

-2. The Vice President - Shall assume the duties of the President in case of absence or temporary inability to discharge the duties of the said office, or resignation of President and shall perform all other duties that may be required of him/her by the Alliance, and shall serve as chairperson of the Program Committee.

-3. The Recording Secretary - shall keep all minutes of the meetings of the Alliance.

-4. The Corresponding Secretary - shall conduct the correspondence of the Alliance and perform all such duties customary to such office, or which may be required by the Alliance, and shall be the guardian of the Post Office Box.

-5. The Treasurer/ President/ Financial Secretary - Shall keep an accurate record of all funds received and disbursed. He/she shall report these funds at each business meeting and shall be one of the three signature required for disbursements of funds. The signers are the President and the Treasurer.

-6. The Treasurer - shall receive funds and report the same to the Alliance, and shall be the keeper of the seal and official articles of incorporation.

-7. The Chaplain - shall be responsible for leading and guiding the Alliance in its regular meetings in a worship experience and when called upon to do the same in public worship services, and serve as a member of the program committee.

Article 8 - Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Alliance shall be: Program Committee, Membership Committee, Finance Committee, of which the Treasurer shall be the Chairman, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, Executive Committee, Benevolence/ Publicity, and such other Ad Hoc Committees as may be deemed necessary.

Article 9 - Dues

In order to perform the duties incumbent upon the Alliance, there shall be assessed dues in the amount of Fifty (50) dollars a year. In case the Treasurer is absent in the Financial or Recording Secretary shall receive and record the dues.

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